Notes from Danny


A Rough-Draft of a Possible E-Mail That I Might SEND - Vol.1

Greetings and, wait.....Deal or No Deal is coming on. America's Show that is a great example for why our economy is swimmin' with the turds. I'll be back. What a SHOW! The WORST! But I DO like when Howie says "Girls" and then those dames hoof-it down those steps again. Last night Howie said that they've walked 22 - or was it 222? - miles thus-far. In THOSE heels? That's some kinda work, but they do it SO well. Next season they're supposed to replace the steps with moist mud! And change the color each week. Have a creek or a river or some rapids so as to generate a little DRAMA! I'm confusing an early-afternoon confabulation with a late-morning pre-verification of something which probably means very little when weighed in a non-organic manner of shi................
See Chazmo.....THAT'S the kinda BS that comes outa my re-built brain when I first get going. MORE COFFEE!!!

So, me and Babs just got back from our new Walgreens, just down the skreet, and I got some new batteries for my Jasmine (by Takamine) acoustic/'lectric Bass Guitah, and boy-howdy, that thing sounds really great. If I play it much-mo, I'm gonna be a JAZZ bassist and wear brown shoes and drive a Mo-Ped with a trailer and a quad MP3 player and speak in a foreign, indiscernible dialect. I'll probably get more work than I meant-to, so I'll drag an agent around with me, but then I'd hafta get a CAR. That's where I draw the line!
Chaz, all that was psycho-confabulation, or - possibly - organically-caused confabulation. The latter being caused when the Prefrontal cortical regions may have confabulation of memories as a symptom. I'm gonna start reading the Sports section of the morning paper and quit going to all these meetings with doctors. THEY KNOW TOO-MUCH!
OK, I'm coming around 'bout now, which should be good for at least a coupla minutes. I'd love to have an 'event', a 'party-like' gathering where people could say something like 'doesn't look all that messed-up to me, I'm KEEPIN' my hard-earned money to buy some more corned-beef in a can', or something like that. But perhaps they'd bring some gift-certificates or coupons for a new fishing-lure or an arrangement for a burger-to-go or that sorta thing. I'd be forever grateful no matter if they brought ANYTHING 'cept maybe some spare-notes or even a rest or that kinda thang! BRING ME YOUR RESTS!!! And if I could just RECOGNIZE them, that would perhaps make me cry, just a little on the INSIDE, but I' wouldn't tell anybody. I'd just write it down in my notebook of "Confabulations" and look at it later, just to see if I have any idea who that was.
This, Chazmough, is somethin' like my Braighn on steroids, in the afternoon. You don't want to meet it in the mornin'-time. I'll hit the 'SEND' button before this goes into a deeper psycho-confabulation-a-go-go. That could get kinda dangerous. Where's my 5-Hour Energy Drink?

Even Mo Later, Danny Roberts

P.S. Danny says "send mo ice-cream"!

Shortly after the Event took place in Lakeland, Danny was in a car crash in Jacksonville and was badly injured.
He lost vision his left eye and damaged his skull.
A Benefit was held for him a Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa. God Bless you Dan Bob!
As part of his comeback therapy, Danny began playing again and played a gig with Conrad Oberg, now up on YouTube


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