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Track 5~California Dreamin'~"At age 27 I had not developed my communication skills to a point where I could make myself clear about my own feelings and expectations. Most of my music friends and acquaintances were in the same boat... My new friend Tom Petty had the same problem. When he picked me up with my bass guitar at LAX in his two seater Opel sports car, I knew then we were both "Runnin' Down a Dream" but while narrating our ride up the 405 and over the "big hill" as Tom described it and then into the San Fernando Valley, I had a hard time figuring out what his plans were for our future together. Although "T.P." obviously had great skills communicating in music with his songs as we all found out in the years to come!" Live Your Dream!

"In 1965 The Tropics were the biggest band in Florida-simple as that. I watched them in awe. Their power was never truly captured on record, but a show beyond belief! No small part of that was bassist Charlie Souza. When my band in 1975 was looking for a bass player, as I was switching from bass to guitar, we asked Charlie to join and he did. Unfortunately, the band folded not long after he arrived. But in that short time I found him to be a great musician and a nice guy. I'm sure his book will be an interesting read for anyone looking for rock & roll adventure!" Tom Petty - The Heartbreakers

"After I left Cactus, Charlie eventually became the bass player in the New Cactus Band. I came to know him as a good bass player and friend. I'm sure he has some great stories to tell!" Tim Bogert - Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, BBA Beck Bogert & Appice

"He hits all the right notes. A great player, terrific singer and a gentleman as well! It's always a pleasure to share the stage with my friend, Charlie Souza."
Dino Danelli - Rascals -

"The thing I love about Charlie Souza's musicianship is that he comes from the heart - that coupled with his great understanding of what he plays makes for great music. You know, I bought my house from Charlie, and his good energy is in my wooden beams. That's why I sleep good at night!"
Tim Hauser -Manhattan Transfer

"Such a passionate performer! And a man with a HUGE HEART! Charlie's work is a kick in your Inspiration! This will get you moving in positive directions in your life!" Sheryl Roush -Inspiration Speaker, Author of
Heart of a Mother.



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